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Hello and thank you for visiting the website for Ontario's Tenants.

This website is provided for all rental tenants living in Ontario Canada. You can use the navigation bar to move around the site. As you explore you will find helpful documents, links to landlord tenant law, government agencies... and more.

We are all about communication. This website hosts a fully private and secure forum specifically for tenants. By taking out a free membership you will meet other tenants from all over the province. Safely ensconced behind passwords, this is your chance to learn, teach and share as you work through the many challenges facing today's renters without your landlord looking over your shoulder.

You will also discover we are not bystanders. OnTen, itself, is an informal alliance between experienced activists who together bring more than 50 years of experience to the bargaining table. Check the OnTen section to see what we're working on and maybe even help us out by writing a couple of emails.

Look around, enjoy your stay... and please come back soon!